About Me


It all started when...

I was in college. I needed a way to get my name out there and I really wanted to pursue a career in the arts. My parents had bought me a beginner level DSLR and I just started snapping photos on campus. 


As the years progressed, I gradually made my way into event photography by taking pictures in Downtown Orlando at local events and clubs. Session after session, I quickly grew my portfolio to gain the recognition of a friend. She had asked me if I did graduation photos and with that was the birth of Blake18 Photography. 

Now I have dedicated myself to my craft and it too has progressed further than I have ever dreamed. It is always the support of those who choose to book their session with me, that helps my craft grow. Having this in mind, no two sessions are the same as I strive to provide professional quality images every time I craft a portrait session for my clients.

I am more than flexible for any portrait session so if you have any special requests or accommodations, please contact me and I will do what I can to address them.

Thank you!